#66 – Meowssion Impawsible


A group of six boardgamers dive into the D&D campaign “Hoard of the Dragon Queen”

Characters include Petrilus (Barbarian), Sparker (Warlock), Burk (Cleric), Flora (Sorcerer), and Jaquen (Fighter).

#66 – Meowssion Impawsible

Highlights include:
1. The group settles in for their first night at the work camp.
2. We ease drop on the cult and they mention lizardfolk…That can’t be the same group we ran into right?
3. Flora concocts a plan to eliminate the cult for good.
4. In the cafeteria, Flora talks to the cook and finds out about a very specific rat problem.
5. The group and the cult have a run-in outside the cafeteria, a fight erupts!

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